Wi-Fi facility is available to faculty and students at the College library and departmental common room which is an initiative that facilitates independent learning among students. Sometimes students have been provided laptops to assist them in their academic pursuits. Laptops to be used in teaching are made available to teachers when required.

These are a few data concerning the IT and Wi-Fi facilities

  • Some of the Departments have been provided with computers, printers and multimedia projectors. A few Departments have established computer facilities for the benefit of the students and the faculty

  • Some teaching departments are interfaced with LCDs to train and develop Power Point presentations

·         Four Interactive boards are installed.

  • The library also extends computers and Internet facility.

  • SOUL software package has been being upgraded in the library for issue and receipt purposes.

  • All the sections of office (Administration, Academic, Finance etc.) have been provided with computer facilities.

  • The examination section is also partially computerised.

  • In all there are around 55 computers in the college.

  • College has its own Websites.

  • College admission process is partially computerized.

·         Some of the Teaching, Library and Administrative departments of the college are linked with BSNL Wi-max connection.

·         There is a Reliance Jio Wi-Fi connection in the college.

  • One fully digitalized classroom.

  • Digital library is under process.


Wifi (BSNL – Wi-mex) updation date –2015

Wi-Fi (Reliance – Jio) updation date –2017


A few LCD projectors and laptops have been provided to various departments. A large percentage of teachers are using the audio-visual and computer aids in teaching.

We have 32 computers with operating system as Windows 7, XP, 320/500 GB Hard disk, 1GB/2GB RAM, etc. All PC’s are connected to LAN. For uninterrupted functioning of computers during load shedding, a 15 KVA Generator has been installed. In addition to this, there is an inverter provided at the computer centre with six hours backup. The college library has two computers with Internet Connectivity of which one is meant for library work another for students use. There are a good number of computers with printers in computer centre and college office to provide facility for DTP and printout. We have also set up a good quality digital Xerox machine beside the library hall. Though we have the Wi-Fi facility only at our library and departmental common rooms but the college is planning to introduce campus WI-FI in near future.