Students’ Court ( Strategic Plan and deployment documents )

The primary purpose of Students’ Court is to get student’s feedback in matters of efficacy of the teaching- learning process, teachers’ and administrator’s duties and facilities as well as services provided to them. The practice was started in 2016 and it functions in the following pattern:

Step 1 :

The authority notifies the date and venue of Student Court and assigns at least 2 teachers to organize the event along with the Co-ordinator, IQAC.

Step 2 :

The teachers take note of the verbal and written complaints received from the students and forward the same to the Principal for necessary corrective measures.

Step 3 :

The assigned teachers and Co-ordinator, IQAC clarify minor confusions if stated by the students.

Step 4:

On receipt of report from the teachers assigned to conduct the Student Court the Principal, in consultation with the Co-ordinator, IQAC, asks for justifications/ clarifications from the Head of the Department of the teachers against whom a negative feedback has been received. In case it is regarding services and facilities the Principal takes/ initiates necessary corrective measures.

Step 5:

The IQAC looks into successful implementation of the corrective measures/ strategies.

It is a fact finding exercise wherein the students are given the highest priority to participate in determining the course of strategies to be taken by the college towards creation of a conducive and fruitful teaching- learning process backed by the best of amenities.