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Teaching-learning research and extension are integral part of higher education today. Taking into contingence the importance of research the college has constituted a research committee named “ResearchAdvisory committee. The objective of the committee is to look after and promote research activities among the faculty members. The committee comprises of principal as chairman, a coordinator and four members from faculties all having experience in research. The committee encourages the faculty to undertake research activities including minor and major research works. The committee scrutinizes and makes necessary approval of the submitted research proposals for the faculty for onward submission to the concerned funding agencies through proper process. So far, more than 90% of faculties have obtained in service M.Phil degree and a good numbers of teacher are doing Ph. D works, of which 13 teachers have completed the degree. Beside, a considerable numbers of teacher are doing UGC sponsored minor research project and some of them have accomplished the project and submitted the report. The college is always helpful to facilitate a faculty desirous of undertaking research works. For a researcher to carry on his/her research work smoothly and uninterruptedly certain provision are to be provided and the college has given impetus in this regard to facilitate the researcher to avail research opportunity as per UGC guideline. The research proposal submitted by the principal investigator is given necessary approval by the Advisory committee for research Activities of the college for onward submission to the concerned funding agency. When the project gets sanctioned, the college authority helps the principal investigator to expedite the process of fund release as per rule so as to help the project get completed without interruption and delay. As soon as the fund arrives at the disposal of the college authority, he disburses the allotted fund to the investigator as per instruction in the sanction letter. The principal investigator in never made to face any fund crunch due to delay in releasing the fund by the college authority. In addition fund, one requires adequate infrastructure for research activity. The primary need of infrastructure at college level for research is a resourceful library. Our college has well-furnished library with considerable numbers of resource materials on varied topic among which include text books, reference books, many journals of national and regional level and also periodicals and newspapers of local and national level. Moreover, the library has the facility of e-books and e-journals. A researcher can avail these facilities from the library. For MRP, teacher is facilitated to make class adjustment among the other teacher of the department at the consent of the principal. Moreover, the principal investigator is allowed special level of supports tenure to carry on field work of MRP. Further the investigator can avail the facility of Internet, Reprography and Video Camera etc. available in the college. On completion of the project work in stipulated time the investigator has the audit report prepared by benefited auditor. In this regard the college authority cooperates with the investigator in the preparation of utilization report for onward submission to the concerned funding authority along with the project report through the college authority. We must mention that the teacher engaged in MRP involve the advance student of their respective department for data collection without hampering their normal classes. The purpose behind this effort is to develop some research attitude and scientific temperament among the student too. Data collection for MRP and making field of study and preparation of filed report for the fulfillment of course requirement are expected to instill some knowledge over research work. The nature of the research undertaken by the faculty of the college is Ph.D work, MRP and M. Phil.

The finding of the Ph. D and minor research projects of a few teachers of the college are published in recognized journals for disseminating and sharing of the new knowledge. A copy of the minor research project is kept in the college library in rule as reference materials. The teacher disseminate the knowledge of the research work through participation in Seminars, Symposium, Workshops organized in the college are published in the form of books and proceeding.

Being an affiliated under graduate college we receive fund from UGC and also other funding agencies on approval of submitted proposals for major and minor research during a given plan period. The college has no separate fund of its own to make allocation for research activities. The faculty doing Ph. D makes their one expense.


Though the college does not have adequate fund position for making separate allocation in research work, the college has provided some infrastructure base to help research in some way or other to pursue the undertaken research work. Mention may be made of the college library which subscribes national and international journals, e-book and e-journals, reference book and standard literature on varied topic of social science, humanities, and physical science. Further facilities like video camera, Reprography and Internet are made accessible to a faculty doing research work.

The completed or ongoing Ph. D, Minor research project undertaken by the teachers of the college is chiefly related to their subject concern which invariably is related to the societal problems of present relevance. The researcher obtains knowledge in his/her field of study and gains experience in research study which in turn reinforces his/her knowledge in teaching profession. To discriminate the funding of research work the teachers publish write ups in recognized journals. Apart from this, the teacher convey the new found knowledge of research to the community though varied platforms like seminars, workshops public meetings as appointed speaker. In this way they create public awareness on the root problem and its possible remedies.

 The research projects submitted to the funding agencies that sponsored the project including UGC are expected to utilize in policy formulation and dealing with related problem in addition to the publication of research articles in such journals. The teachers of the college have published their writings in different journals and magazines from time to time. The details of publication of individual teacher are shown in department profiles.