Harhi College Mission

OurVision is to make the college a base of academic excellence cateringto the needs and aspirations of the educationally, socially andeconomicallybackward population of this region. The college aims atproviding highereducation with value and quality which developspotentiality,adaptability and sense of peace, harmony, brotherhood,social justice,morality, spirituality and nationalism.”


    Ourmission is to build an institution brick by brick, throughsustainable efforts with an environment which empowers the facultyand staff to facilitate teaching and learning process with activeparticipation and encourages the students to develop competencies forlifelong learning and to learn with following inputs/outputs:-

    (a)State of the art infrastructure.

    (b)Faculty and staff development initiative.

    (c)Research and development activities.

    Harhi College Mission Harhi College Mission Harhi College Mission Harhi College Mission