The Harhi College Library was established in 1998. The library has a collection of 6000 reading materials which includes texts, references, rare books, special collection of books on Human Rights, Medicinal Plants, Gandhian Thoughts, etc. Local Area Network (LAN) using SOUL software has been installed for automating in-house activities and services of the library for fast transaction of the library resources. The Library has newly taken the membership of the INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad. The library has been provided with internet connectivity for accessing e-resources.

·         Library is automated with -Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

·         Name of the ILMS software:       SOUL            

·         Nature of automation (fully or partially): Partially

·         Version:

Year of automation:    2017

SOUL software package has been being upgraded in the library for issue and receipt purposes. The library has En-list facility which is newly processed.

The college has a Library Advisory Committee comprising of the Principal as its Chairman, the Library in-charge (Asstt. Librarian) as Secretary, five members from teachersand General Secretary and Literature Secretary of student Union as ex-officio members. All important decisions of the library are adopted by the committee and the secretary is entrusted to take the follow up action on matters such as purchase of books, subscription of journals and periodicals, maintenance of discipline, safety of books etc. Students and teachers can search the required books and collect the same from the shelves by themselves. Brief information of the college library is given below:

Ø  Total area : 500 sq.mtrs.

Ø   Total seat capacity: 80 nos.


Working hours:

Ø  On working days: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Ø  Before and during examinations: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Ø  During vacation: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

The college library purchases all study materials almost every year to meet the requirement as per new changes in the syllabi and to supply the latest edition books. The Asstt. Librarian who is the secretary of the library management Committee and other members scrutinizes the lists of books submitted by different departments as per requirement and approves of final list of books and important journals to be purchased / subscribed. Then the books of selected list are purchased from those publishers who agree to offer greater amount of discount. Moreover, some important books of latest edition or publication are also purchased as reference books from the lists offered by different publishers from time to time with the due approval of the Library Management Committee. Since, the list of books to be purchase is prepared on the basis of the immediate need of the students and teachers, they are highly used for academic and research purposes.

The Library is partially computerized and OPAC system is used for searching library documents. SOUL software is used which is provided by INFLIBNET. For easy access to library facility 2 (two) computers have been provided. Along with the computers two printers too have been provided. One HP DESK-Jet and copier machine with Xerox facility and the other printer also have documents Scanner. Being situated in a rural location internet facility is not well developed yet. So, we are bound to use Multiple Internet Connection such as Mobile Data Card, NME Broad Band Connection(wimax) etc along with Wi-Fi system for official as well as other purpose. In addition to the above, the library also provides the facility ofReference Books in the form of standard Literature, reference books on respective subjects, back volumes of journals, research journals, e-journals and periodicals. For the optimal use of the available facility the users need to be acquainted with the entire system. To this effect, the students especially the new comers are made aware of the various facilities available in the library at the beginning of the session on the day of Indication programme. Support and cooperation of library staff is always required for the convenient use of library.

To ensure congenial reading atmosphere in the library, the asstt. Librarian keeps constant vigil for the maintenance of silence and peaceful condition in the library. The library staffs show amiable dealing and cooperative attitude to library users. The library staff shows prompt response and discharge their duty sincerely especially in the smooth conduct of book borrow- return process and help the users to locate book(s) on the shelves. The library also takes user’s opinion/suggestion which highly matters for fruitful use of library resources and its further development. As such, a complaint / suggestion box is kept at the entrance of the library. Important suggestions/opinions/grievances are taken into account by the Library Advisory Committee in its decision making for the improvement of library facility.


Harhi College Mission
Harhi College Mission


Library opening Hours:

  • Week days : 9 AM - 4 PM
  • Saturday : 9 AM - 2 PM
  • Issue time : 12 Noon - 1 PM

Study Centre/Reading Room Hours:

  • Summer : 9-30 AM - 4 PM
  • Winter : 9-30 AM - 2.30 PM